Girl Tells Dog She Loves Him, Not Anticipating It Would Say “I Love You” Back

Wouldn’t it be absolutely amazing if we could actually speak to our pets? Just imagine the possibilities and all the fun conversations that we owners could have with our dogs, cats and other animal friends.

Unfortunately, it just doesn’t really work that way. Even though animals can communicate, speech is still pretty limited – unless we’re talking about parrots who can be trained to say a couple of words, of course.

Source: Waggle TV

That’s why the following footage of a talking dog is simply amazing and has won over the entire internet.

The video shows mom holding her pup while dad is holding the camera. Mom is playing around with him, and the sight of the four-footer in his knitted jumpsuit is already incredibly adorable on its own. The woman then pretends to bite his nose and is playing around in good fun, and the pup barks back mildly. If that’s not already too cute by itself, wait until you see the next part.

Source: Waggle TV

At one point, mommy says “I love you” to the cute puppy.

Right after, he groans an “I Love You” back!

Of course, both mom and dad were completely shocked that their four-footer would respond and show a sign of affection. Mom just can’t stop giggling and laughing while she covers her mouth because of the shock and cuteness.

Source: Waggle TV

Thinking that the whole thing would just be a major coincidence, the two then decided to try again to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. Mom said “I Love You” once again a couple of seconds later, and the dog simply responded immediately with an “I Love You” in a bark version. Mom can’t handle this cuteness and cracks up once again.

Source: Waggle TV

With almost 14 million views on YouTube, this adorable furry four-footer has gone viral around the world and is winning the hearts of everyone.

“It’s usually parrots that have the reputation for repeating what their owners say to them, but this time it’s a cute, little pup wrapped in clothes that tells its owner he loves her,” the video caption reads.

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There’s just something special about animals that manage to capture the attention of millions, especially if those animals end up being able to speak. Imagine a world where we could speak to our cats and dogs, wouldn’t that be lovely?

We’d do everything for our pets, and the communication barrier certainly isn’t the worst thing in the world. After all, we can still read their body language and facial expressions to get a general understanding of how they’re feeling or what they want.

Source: Waggle TV

However, when they do their best to say a few words and talk to us humans in our own language, it’s not hard to see why it’s so incredibly adorable and heartwarming.

Be sure to watch the fantastic “I Love You” video below, but beware that you might end up watching the clip over and over again because it’s simply too sweet.

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