These Cute Tiny Kittens Are Guaranteed To Brighten Up Our Day

We are sure that you have had the days when nothing comes together the way you’d like. Lousy days happen to all of us. Even the most optimistic, joyful people have a bad day. For this reason, when a gloomy day happens to you, don’t let it make you feel like you have a bad life. There are many ways to help you deal with sadness and bad days, but there is one great method that can boost your mood immediately: cats, especially if they are babies.

We can’t get rid of your bad days, but we do have some sweet and cute photos for improving your mood and making your day brighter. If you don’t believe us, scroll down to check for yourself! Enjoy!

1. Illegally smol and exhausted

2. “Are the pillows huge or is my kitty just smol?”

3. “Omg 😱 this smol criminal should be held in my arms as he stole my heart.🥺🥺”

4. Criminal void attempting to evade arrest by hiding behind boot!

5.”Remember the kitty who grew up with his protector Ultraman? 

Here’s his full story!
A Japanese family rescued a tiny 3-day-old kitten who was found without his mom and siblings. They took him home and gave him an unusual friend to grow up with.
They named him Koma.When they found the little orphaned kitten, his eyes hadn’t even opened.
“At that time, he was alone, and he was about 3 days after birth,” Mai Narushima told Love Meow. They became his family.
They wanted to document Koma’s growth and get him a friend to keep him company. When they saw the Ultraman figurine, who was at the same length as the tiny kitten, they thought it was perfect.
The family placed Ultraman next to their precious fur baby. It looked as if the Japanese super hero was watching over him.”

6. Periwinkle

7. His blue eyes and the black splotch on his nose are everything 😭❤️

8. She’s already doing the cat walk.

9. The best spot to take a nap!

10. Hands up dont shoot. The tiny criminal surrenders

11. Look at those eyes! What a pretty, lil ball of fluff!

12. He looks sleepy. Awwww so cute.

13. Oh lil kitty jammies! So precious! ❤️

14. The perfect kitty holder 🥰

15. He looks pretty happy! Just what he always wanted!

16. He has learned the power of levitation.

17. Two criminals resting after their heist

18. “I love my mom so much!”

18. Spooky bebby

20.Our first road trip


Are you a cat owner? Are you happy when having them in your life? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to share photos of your cats with us to boost everyone’s mood even more!

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